Sunday, October 28, 2007

Simple Bracelets

I made so many earrings and bracelets yesterday, that I thought I would finally make a jewelry post with some new items.

I found these awesome stones at my LBS when I went in to purchase some gold wire. I try not to impulse buy at bead stores because I could go broke quickly, but I just had to have these!

I am in love with this stone!
I made this bracelet for myself with my favorite bead from the strand...although I love them all!

I also made two similarly styled bracelets with a couple of lampwork beads my friend Liz sent me ages ago. I never knew what to do with them before, because they stand on their own so nicely. I love these beads, too! It's hard to believe that these were just 'practice' beads, she is so talented.

Here is another of the green vein jasper, I listed this one on etsy.

I also made a bunch more bracelets, and a bunch of earrings. I will post some of the earrings in a while. I am gearing up for my small show with the WIB gals. Open house on November 4th. I will have a lot of new stuff to show and hopefully sell.

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