Wednesday, October 03, 2007


We just got home from the vet.

I am now awaiting labwork from yet another stool sample.
I should hear something about that tomorrow.

Perry could have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, although I don't think that a diagnosis for this can be given without exploratory surgery (they would have to biopsy a section of his intestine), we will try to treat it as this for now, and see if things improve.

He is on two meds now, a 15 day supply of Sucralfate 1gm twice a day(which he had been on for a few days already), and a 7 day supply of Metronidazole 250mg twice a day.

He has lost yet another pound since his last visit. I tried to feed him his gourmet meal freshly cooked of chicken, rice, and broccoli when we got home from the vet. He sniffed at it and walked away.

This is killing me. I want him to eat!

His diarrhea was so bad this weekend, it was just brown liquid, nothing more. It has firmed up just a tad since then, but it is still worse than when we started this whole ordeal.

I am exhaused, stressed out and worried beyond rational thinking.

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