Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Canada, keep an eye on your children.

TMZ comes on at 2:05am in Canada. I know that because I am up watching it right now. It's currently 2:15am and I am having a scotch while watching TV and listening to Scott snore in the bedroom. The walls are very thin here.

I turned my phone on today just to see if I had any messages from my Visa card about charges in Canada since I recently had all that trouble...I chickened out and shut the phone off before getting my voice mails. I really don't want to get an obscene phone bill next month, and I don't have an international plan. I should have upgraded before I left, but data wasn't included, so I said forget it (I checked into it before I left). I have had my phone shut off since before we crossed the border on Saturday afternoon.

I'm feeling like TMZ is the only thing connecting me to the States up here on the island right now. As usual, everything up here is strange. Even having TMZ up here is strange. We haven't come up for the last two summers, so things have changed a little...but not too much.

I met two small children on the beach today who clearly were not warned about strangers in any way (really!?). They ran up to me and wanted me to help them find some hermit crabs and starfish. They were so small, and seemed even smaller since there wasn't another soul around. I was silently disturbed by their innocence. I wondered who their parents were, what their parents were doing, and why these kids weren't being watched. It kind of ruined my beach walk. They would not stop talking to me and asking me questions. I ended up wishing them luck in their respective hunts and turned a cliff corner to get the hell out of dodge. Later, I saw one of them riding their bike up on the dirt rode. I think she was curious to meet Rusty who was barking at her, but thankfully she kept her distance this time.

I'm hoping to get into town at some point tomorrow to actually mooch some free wireless Internet somewhere. If I do, I will post this and get my emails. If not, oh well...

I'm having fun doing crossword puzzles, playing the Sims app on my iPad, and reading 'Too fat to Fish'. We are not lacking entertainment. Plus, I'm keeping busy cooking all of our meals, and killing bugs...good times!

Today is my 5th day without a cigarette. This was my plan. I am not out of cigarettes, I just don't smoke anymore. I urge my friends and family to help me succeed. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The nightmare continues

A few days ago I started getting emails telling me to check my credit score. This is probably spam and I am not going to click any links in an unsolicited email, but I've received 6 of these since Friday. In the past, I have received these emails, but never 6 in three days, and with my recent email hacking and facebook hijacking, I decided to react in panic mode.

I cancelled all my credit cards after checking for fraudulent charges, and have called in a fraud alert on my social security number to all three credit report companies: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. At Equifax, I spoke to an agent who told me that a fraud specialist would call me on Monday. I am really looking forward to this phone call.

I emailed after reading on someones blog to do that with all my info, and I got an automated reply with some links to their help pages. Of course when I click on these, they want me to login...impossible. Any 'help' I ask for is going to the email of the hacker. This is so frustrating, I can't even put it into words how annoyed I am.

I am hoping that Equifax will be able to help me get this fraudulent email address that's in my name destroyed. I know I probably won't be able to identify the jackass, but I'm going to do everything in my power to. He messed with the wrong person, I will not lie down.

In his last email exchange of about 6 or so with the criminal, my husband wrote, 'I hope a bus runs you over and you die with the taste of your own blood in your mouth' or something like that. My sentiments exactly.

If you read this post, please post a link to my blog anywhere you can. And change your passwords often!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

More on the hacking of Nancy.

I've been stewing in some bitter anger all day. I have been on the phone trying to find someone who can help me delete that false email address (that sent out the spam and thieved my identity) to no avail. 45 minutes on the phone to AT&T the host to my spammers email (mostly on hold), to find out that I have to go through because is powered by them. I have been frustrated all day long. This is a total rant. Yahoo was no help so far.

So, the worst of my problems right now is not the fact that the hacker changed my login info so I can't even see my Facebook page or post on it (I locked it this morning so even the offender cannot access it...i think) but the fact that he/she also deleted all of my contact info in my email accounts. I have empty address books and no emails prior to this morning (and believe me there were hundreds in there, and the folders! Oh the folders!) I am violated, and so are all the friends and family who love and care about me who got that email. I'm horrified. I've been trying to find out how or if I can get all my info back, hopefully I'll be able to, but I'm not holding my breath.

The one thing the AT&T operator was able to tell me was that I have been a victim of a keystroke tracker. As she explained it to me, it is something that tracks frequently used sequences of keystrokes such as usernames, email addresses, and passwords. I am scared to log into anything right now that requires me to type in a password. I have no idea how she came to this conclusion, but I WAS on hold for a very long time, so I'm sure she researched my case thoroughly...Anyhow...

I hope to make a new FB page soon, and maybe someday in the next few months FB will let me move all the photos over to my new page once I jump through hoops to prove who I am. In my extensive research within the last 14 hours or so, I've been learning that it is almost impossible and nobody at FB cares enough to even put in any effort to help (notice how I said 'almost impossible' since I'm still trying... NEVER GIVE UP!...right?). They sure don't make it easy to find the right links to report that you are in trouble.

So, I'm sorry to everyone who worried, but I hope that you are all Internet savvy enough to know not to fall for that kind of scam. I wish I had everyones emails who this scam went out to so I could follow up with a warning, but I don't, they've been lost. Lost by someone who is such a monster spammer, who has evolved from the traditional spammer to one that really thinks things know, nips it in the bud.

I apologize as well to all of the nancyrosetta fan page on facebook. The fan page is linked to my regular page and so it went the way of the ghost when I locked my account...but I had no choice. I'll be back.

As of this minute, this is the MOST I can do about the problem. :(

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I've been hacked

This morning, I woke up to text messages and phone calls from concerned friends and family.

Two of my email accounts as well as my facebook page have been hacked. An email went out from namaccallum@ This is NOT my email address and I am trying really hard to get it deleted and get my facebook page back. I changed my passwords for my other email addresses, but the hacker changed my login email to the one stated above, so this is going to be difficult to remedy.

If you have received an email from namaccallum@, please go ahead and write back telling the imposter to go to hell. The email is asking for money to be wired to an address in "Europe, United Kingdom", because I am apparently there and have been robbed and need money to get home.

This is a headache and a half.