Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am happy, and tired.

Perry continues to do great this week.
I was getting worried there over the weekend and into monday, but now I have a hungry fiesty dog that doesn't want to sit still. He is rubbing for hugs, wants to chase things outside, and keeps going back to his bowl. I am super happy about that.
At the moment he is nudging my arm to pet him, it makes it hard to type!

I worked this morning for Jake, went to the police station to get fingerprinted for work, went back to work, did some work, then came home. I was super tired, so I took a nap. Then I went to work at the Gallery and got home at about 9:45pm. Welcome to the real world, Nancy. This is really cutting into my crafty time.
I have to do it all over tomorrow, although I will not get home so late.
The good thing about this situation is that I can come home between jobs for a while and spend some time with Perry. He took a nap with me today on the (Scott, look away!) BED. Hahaa!

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