Sunday, October 07, 2007


Today was a really hard food day.

I tried to feed him this morning, and he wanted nothing do to with anything I tried to give him...including a can of Mighty Dog. So I guess he has lost interest in the most loved junk food for dogs now. He still had interest in treats, especially the crunchy kind. Scott tossed him a few rice crackers, and he was all over those, but it is hard to hide a pill in a rice cracker.

I tried to get him to take his medication with cheese once again, and between the two pills he caught on to me. He took the first pill in cheese, but the second one was not as successful at all. He never did get that second one in him, even after many attempts to fool him with various things. The cheese, some bread, a peanut butter treat, he was on to us. I have another dose of the two medications to try to get into him tonight, I don't know how I will do that. More importantly, I don't know what good these meds are doing in the first place.

The Mighty Dog stayed in his bowl untouched all day. I threw that away tonight, and cooked him up a chicken breast, some broccoli, and mixed in some basmati rice from a couple of days ago. He actually ate. Not the whole thing, but all the chicken anyway.

We are going to TuftsVETS tomorrow, so maybe they will give him some fluids. I fear he is getting dehydrated from all the diarrhea, and even tho he didn't vomit today, the last two days he did, so that can't be good either.

I am sick just thinking about all this. At this point I am just thinking of this blog as good documentation on his food intake and diarrhea expultion.

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