Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sheepshearing Festival in Waltham

Last Saturday, I went to the Sheepshearing Festival in Waltham at Gore Place Scott went with me, and we met up with Kerry and Jaye and a couple of other friends.

These are some pictures I took.

We had a great time. I bought some stuff. Pictures of stuff I bought will follow. I love craft fairs, especially when I'm not working them!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tree with Moon and Stars

Last week I brought some unfinished pieces to the Gallery to show Julie. I basically just wanted to see what she thought of the direction I was going and if I should stay on that path...or not. I showed her 7 or 8 pendants/brooches, only 2 of which were almost finished. The rest didn't even have anyplace from where to hang or dangle yet. As we were looking, inspecting and marveling (to my amusement)a customer came in to place an order. She was an artist. She brought in a painting of her daughters dance teacher that she drew to be framed. It was really nice, a ballerina posed in mid dance on one leg. As Julie was finishing up the paperwork for the order, she encouraged me to show the client my new designs.

She bought this piece even before it was finished. It's finished now.

Copper riveted to sterling silver with many, many different sized sterling silver rivets and a few copper rivets (that you can't see).

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Riveting.

I've been addicted to riveting. I think that's quite apparent. I decided to take some process shots on my last rivety session. I hope you enjoy.

Finished pendants or brooches...I haven't decided yet. The first one is tube riveted, my first attempt. My friend and fellow jewelry designer Vicki Cook inspired me to try tube riveting after I got a glimpse of her Astrid Necklace. I think my attempt came out great. The last photo is flat riveted. Both are copper on sterling silver.