Friday, October 05, 2007

Perry ate a can of Mighty Dog

Since the vet said that eating a twinkie is better than not eating at all, I fed P-love a can of Mighty Dog tonight. He likes it cause it is smelly.
This wasn't before I tried everything else, including baby food (a suggestion from the vet's nurse). He has lost interest in anything that I cook for him. I wonder how long before he loses interest in the Mighty Dog.

A bit of reference here for anyone who doesn't know Perry, here is a pic of him on July 14th, 2006. He looked similar to this at the beginning of this summer.

Here is Perry two days ago.

My P does not seem to be getting better at all.
I speak to the vet often, give updates, get advice, we are all stumped. More tests, and vet appointments are what I look forward to these days, along with a good cry.
This dog would eat anything, and now he is like an anorexic model. Only anorexic models probably do not have chronic diarrhea.

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Blue Noodle said...

oh dear
oh jeez nancy i'm so sorry
big squishy hugs
i'm so sorry