Saturday, October 06, 2007

Perry, what else is there to talk about?

I just took him out to 'go' and witnessed watery diarrhea once again.
Kathy called me today, and although she may not know it, she scared the hell out of me. She has had sick dogs in the past, and has two pugs with various health problems right now. So, she encouraged me to look into other options for Perry. I was thinking that his vet is doing all he can, but since the diarrhea won't stop, and the last two mornings there was also vomiting involved, I better get him some different help.

I called TuftsVETS today to see about an internal specialist. None are on duty on the weekend, so I will take him there monday after work.

I will call my vet on monday morning, and hopefully have him call them and send Perry's records so they can expect him.

Perry has not gotten any better, and I fear he is getting worse.

I cried alot yesterday, and a little today. I need him to get better, or at least gain some control over this.

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