Monday, September 21, 2009

Norwood Day.

Saturday was Norwood Day. A huge celebration in the center of town.

I think I learned a lesson here...make sure my white balance is set to the current lighting. These pictures are horrible. The lighting is totally off.

When I finally realized that this was my problem, I took a few good pictures.

Mom had a great time, you can see her in the last picture chatting with Kathy. More pictures of Mom at Norwood day can be found on 1redbead.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My new friend Elizabeth

Meet my new friend Elizabeth. Tiny baby, sweet smelling, long toed, kung fu gripped Elizabeth.
I had the pleasure of hanging out with her for a bit today. She slept mostly. I even picked her up and she still slept. I think she was even sleeping while she was squeezing my index finger.
What perfect little fingers!
Modeling a very nice binki and a nancyrosetta necklace that her mom Kim draped around her head.

What a perfect little angel!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update for a neglected blog

A lot has been going on in nancyrosettaville.

Hubby had knee surgery but is recovering nicely. Arthroscopic to be exact. We even have a DVD of the inside of the knee parts of the surgery, and the surgeon actually narrates the footage as he is talking to Scott. It's pretty cool. Scott is doing very well. He only used crutches for a few hours, then on to a cane for a day. Really an amazing recovery.

Mom continues to be a part time job for me. I visit her as much as I can, and have recently been having more pleasant visits, she is doing better in some aspects and worse in others. I have been dealing with her personal/financial issues as well, they had started to take a toll on me, but I think things are beginning to settle, at least I hope that is the case.

Rusty has started to bark at me when I sit on the couch. It's only been about a week of this new nonsense. I am not usually afraid of him when he does this, but the last couple of days, his breath with the barks have left my hair standing on end. The shock collar* seems to stop this behavior, we don't even have to use the electric part of it, just putting it on him does the trick. (*we only use the sound part...not the shock part)

There's the quick update.