Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a curious Observation

Buster has been with us for 25 days.

When Buster had been with us for enough time that a bit of trust had been rooted (really only a day), I did a little check on his physical well being. I noticed that one ear was fine, and one had some rips and a lot of cauliflowering for lack of a better term, on the outer edge of that earlobe. I attributed this to his being on the streets in the past, and most likely fighting with other strays or other creatures for that matter. I never thought that those wounds were fresh.

Tonight I had this pup sleeping peacefully by my side on the couch, and I started looking and playing with his ears in a sort of unconscious way. I went back and forth from ear to ear touching, stroking and just massaging while he slept and I watched SuperNanny. All of a sudden I realized that there was hardly a difference between the ears, except for one rather small rip in the right ear. His cauliflowering has healed. His right ear is just as smooth around the rim as the left, except for that one little rip.

I am so glad to see some sort of physical healing for this little neglected pooch. It makes the bad behavior easier to deal with. We are working on the biting/nipping, it is getting fewer and farther between attacks. I think he will heal emotionally just as fine as his cauliflower ear has healed. Wish us luck!

Friday, April 25, 2008

These make me happy.

These little oil paintings make me so happy. I love when something can perk up your day just by looking at it, these little landscapes do that to me.

North Attleboro artist, Kim Morin Weineck creates these minuscule landscapes with oils on tiny stretched canvases. They are sold with little aisles to stand them on, and are very affordable for an original oil painting. These little works of art are only $40.

Her paintings are all about comfort, and it shows.

If you find these as sweet and comfortable as I do, please check out her website for more of her art at

I am the proud owner of this little masterpiece.

I placed it in my own studio on my workbench for inspiration anytime I need it.

If you are in the Norwood area, please stop by Custom Art Framing and Gallery 9 to view more masterpieces by many talented artists, along with Kim's full size works. They are truly a sight to behold.

Some Upcoming Show Dates

I have recently joined a group of wonderful artists who all have stores on Etsy called Boston Handmade.

Check out our blog and meet some of these talented people and check out the links to their etsy stores.

We will be participating in The JP Artisan Fair in Jamaica Plain, of which I will be showing on July 3rd, and August 7th both on the Curtis Hall lawn. We will also have a show in Somerville at Union Square called BostonHandmade Marketplace on June 28th outdoors.

I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This makes me happy

There are about 10 of these trees all in bloom at the entrance of my morning job. It is finally spring walking through them to get into the office building. I love it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bezel Class

I went to my first class tonight even tho I probably should have stayed home. I really didn't want to miss the first class, but I was so sick and avoiding people that I most likely came across even more anti-social than I usually am. I hope I don't hear that anyone else got sick next week! eek!

This first class focused on correct measurements using pi...I can now calculate a length of bezel wire needed, instead of just eyeballing it. That alone is worth the price of admission. We got as far as forming the bezel wire, annealing it, and soldering it closed until we ran out of time. One thing I liked about this class is that we were given the information, and had to figure things out on our own. I actually had to get my cell phone out to use the calculator in it. I also realized that I need better files, a digital caliper, and a two scribe thingy that I can't remember what it's called.

So, even though I have nothing much to show for the first class, I did come away with some new knowledge that I am sure will be beneficial in bezel setting odd shapes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Send a card to Max!

A friend of mine from Iowa posted this plea on a jewelry forum that we both frequent.
Please send Max a card!!!

I'm posting this only because I do know the family and that this is for real. Got this note in our church bulletin on Sunday:

Can you help? Max ___ is a 3rd grader at Underwood Elementary School. His mother, Bambi, drives a school bus. Some time back, he had leukemia. It was in remission, but now is back. The teachers at the school wish he could receive one million cards. That is the goal. Even if you don't know him or his family - send a card. Send it to:

PO Box 129
Silver City, IA 51571

This is his aunt's address, she is collecting the cards.

I thought it would be neat for Max to receive cards from all across the country...heck the world, so I am recruiting my online friends. I will keep in touch with the teachers at the elementary school (this is my little town) and will remove the address when the goal has been reached.

Feel free to post on blogs, etc.,....1,000,000 cards is a lofty goal!!!!

Please send cards by June 1, 2008. Thanks, so much!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Play Date

Buster and I just got home from Raven's house. He wants to play a little rougher than she would like, but she was very patient with him...thanks Raven! Jape instructed a little class of 'sit and wait' I am so pleased that Buster doesn't have any sort of food aggression, he did great! He does like to hog Raven's toys and play with them as if they are his own...he is hard on his plushies. It was so funny watching them play in the yard. Raven is so good, she knows he is still only a puppy, and a playful one at that. These two are going to be great friends, I know it!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

I took Buster to the groomer's today.

I had called about 1/2 a dozen groomer's in the area, and they were all booked 3 weeks out. Then I got smart and told Buster's story to the last place I called, they took him instantly. He did great, and we have our next appointment in 8 weeks.

Hubby and I washed him when we got home with him on Saturday, but there is only so much you can do in a tub with a cup. He definitely needed the power wash. He did great, the people there loved him, he was sweet and now he smells sweet, too.

Yay for It's a Dog's Life in Sharon, MA. They really care for the rescues to take him so fast like that. They also were very accommodating to post the Boxer Rescue flyer that Jane gave me. I thought this may be a better spot than the gallery to post this flyer, hopefully more successful rescues will come of it.

I think he may have eaten some soap at the groomers, because he had a tummy ache when he got home (actually his stomach was audibly churning), but he is all better now. I had called Jane to see if I should take him to the vet, but she said that Boxer's are notorious for eating soap, she told me to feed him some scrambled eggs and some yogurt, I did, and he feels better now.

He continues to settle in easily, I really couldn't have asked for a better dog. It's funny, when I left him at the groomer's (I didn't know I had to leave him), I went home with an empty feeling and worried the whole time he was there. When they called my cell phone to tell me he was ready to go home, I flew out of the house and was there to pick him up in ten minutes flat!

Here is a very clean Buster totally curled up in a ball...

An artsy photo, I took lots and this one was the best. He was sound asleep actually snoring quietly, so I know I wasn't bothering him in my artsy endeavors...unless he is a really good faker!

The groomer's gave him back to me with a silly bandana around his neck. I left it on for a while until he started to try to rip it up while it was still on his neck. Ultimately, I took it off, he played with it as if it was a pully toy with me for a while but now it is forgotten and a toy no more...he likes to be au naturale.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Buster settles in.

Buster is settling in nicely. He has not shown a bit of aggression.
Yesterday Scott had to take his Sunday nap alone on the couch, so Buster was banished to the floor. Crappy picture, but so cute, I couldn't resist posting it.

Later Sunday night, Buster and I just hanging on the couch watching TV. Who could resist this face?

Today, I took him to work with me. He spent most of the day in the classroom playing with his pink rabbit (who sadly died today, and now is an empty shell). Mom came over 1/2 way through the day and spent a lot of time with him. She brought him a kong toy, he ran around with it like crazy. She gave him lots of treats and pets, they got along very well!

I had some extra work to get done so after I locked the gallery door, I let him have his way with the place. He just ran around in circles with his new toy in his mouth. He is so funny!

By the way, I found out today that he can jump 45" over a dog gate from the standing position! He is springloaded!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


It was a long drive, but we are home!

Buster is the sweetest thing! He took to us instantly, and showed no vicious behaviour at all. We got home and he took his time sniffing everywhere and running around the backyard. He even let us give him a bath!

Our first walk, this is somewhere in the Berkshires, Scott walking him with the longest leash I had ever seen.

Sniffing around...

Coming straight to me

And we are home in his new yard, he ran around like crazy for a while

On the back porch

I had to sit next to him for a picture, but I think he wants the spotlight alone...heehee

He got a pink rabbit as a gift from Jane, he was trying to kill it.

I think he killed it.

So there is your introduction.
He is such a loving dog, I can't believe he was treated like a vicious animal.

And...he's a dribbler after he drinks.

Friday, April 04, 2008

He's almost here.

So, the lastest is that Buster is doing fine, he is in the quarantine facility right now.
Jane dropped him there yesterday, and felt good about the place. He has a space of about 20 feet square with a bed and has some toys that he is tossing around all by himself.

If he got there before 5pm yesterday, we would have been able to get him on friday, but since he needs a vet check before we can take him home, he will be there until Saturday. He has an appointment at 10:45am Saturday morning, in Great Barrington very close to the quarantine shelter, so we are meeting Jane there then. He still needs a bath, she said he was extremely dirty, and he has some stress baldness. He spent 3 weeks and 1 day in a facility that treated him as if he was a criminal. My heart still bleeds for him, for what he went through, but he will be here soon, and I will take lots of pictures!

Thanks for all the prayers from everyone, I think they worked, and he is over his suffering now, bath notwithstanding.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Buster's been Sprung!

I just talked to Pam!

She told me that Jane is on her way back up from Delaware, and has Buster sprawled out on her backseat! And she will call Pam again as soon as she crosses the Massachusetts border.

So, Jane was appalled with the shelter. Buster was in the last cage, he is very underweight, extremely dirty and knew he was saved as soon as he saw Jane. He did the Boxer wiggle! I imagine he could sense her kindness, and was acting accordingly.

A big burly man (who was also dirty) grabbed a noose on a long stick to get Buster for Jane and she told him "Get away from the cage!" He did. She tossed Buster a treat, and he let her put a collar and leash on him. She said he was such a good dog, she brought him a toy and he took it in his mouth and they walked to the car and never looked back.

He is on his way!!!!
He will spend his 48 hour quarantine in western MA, and Scott and I will make the 2.5 hour drive to get him the instant it is over. Hopefully he will be with us Friday evening or Saturday morning!

I am just so happy he is out of there and can start his emotional healing, and gain some weight, and get clean

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another lifted picture.

Another picture lifted from the Boxer Rescue.

Cutie pie Buster. How could anyone leave him to fend for himself? I just don't get it. He will be here soon.

I have a Buster update!

I have an update!

I heard from Jane from Boxer Rescue today, she decided that a doggy train would not be the best thing for him right now, so she is driving down tomorrow to get him herself. I think she is worried about him being moved from car to car and person to person.

She found a quarantine facility in Great Barrington, MA, so that is where I will pick him up after his required 48 hour stay. That or in Sunderland, MA if Jane picks him up first, that is where the Boxer Rescue is located.

Looks like he will be here on Saturday if all goes smoothly. We will have to take it slow with him, as he has had a rough few weeks and is not so trusting right now.

Yay for Saturday!
I will keep you all updated!!!