Saturday, November 13, 2010

A couple of Gems on the Cape

This past summer, my husband and I spent two weeks on Cape Cod. Even though it's close-by, we don't get down there much, and we've never really explored the few times we've been there. So this trip, we saw all we could. Here are a couple of highlights of our trip.

Parnassus Book Service in Yarmouth is a sight to see. It's a little unorganized...the books are mainly grouped together by subject, but even that is iffy. We wandered around for over an hour.

Scott was in heaven.

We found this wonderful oasis of pottery and art in Dennis at Scargo Lake, Scargo Pottery. The grounds are full of sculpture and carvings and all types of eye candy.

I love this driftwood furniture set!

Two places that you must visit on your next trip down to Cape Cod!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pop-Up Art Loop

Last month, Scott and I visited the awesome city of Chicago.

Like most cities these days, they have a plethora of empty storefronts in the downtown area. It's sad, but just like Boston, they are appealing to artists to pretty things up.

The Pop-Up Art Loop transforms empty storefronts throughout the Chicago Loop area.

Not only are there pop-up art galleries with regular business hours like the one pictured above, but there are installations viewed by the public through the glass windows like the pictures below.

And of course, they force little cute kids to stand in windows and smile at the public as any great city does.

About this picture: These kids had the most pouty sourpusses on their faces until I took my camera out...I think they were in a time-out.

I am in love with Chicago, I encourage you to visit if you can. Don't even get me started on the architecture...that will be a different blog post!