Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday. More of the same.

Perry's not been feeling so great.
He hasn't really eaten much the last couple of days. I will call the oncologist in the morning and chit chat about that.

Today, we took a car ride to visit with Raven, Suzanne and Jape.

Perry is ALWAYS up for a car ride. He was playful at first when we got there, but when he wanted to leave, it was definately apparent to me. We left after a little more than an hour.
When we got home, I tried to feed him again. He ate a little bit, but was not that interested to finish it. He did get some treats at Raven's house, so I know he got 'some' food today.

He is still looking pretty good, and still spunky when he wants to be. I am rooting for him big time!

In other news, Scott is working forced overtime tonight at the Red Sox game against the Indians at Fenway park, this is the crucial 7th game in the ALCS series. I hope they win, but that would mean that Scott may not come home until the crack of dawn, so I am also oddly torn. Maybe they will let him go in late tomorrow morning.

Lastly, I am taking Perry to work with me tomorrow. There will not be so many distractions as on saturday since I work alone on monday.

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