Thursday, November 01, 2007


Another Perry post.

Perry is not doing so well today.
He hardly ate, I had a hard time getting his meds into him. He spit out deli ham! Unbelieveable.

I woke up this morning to diarrhea again in the kitchen (good thing we confine him at night these days) but this diarrhea was unlike the norm. This was very mucussy (is that a word?). It was like thick brown stinky spit. Much different from other messes I have had to clean up. Yes, more bad news. Sorry.

Tomorrow after work, I take him to the NEVOG for his 5th chemo treatment which will be the most aggressive one yet. I am trying to be optomistic. He is done with the weekly treatments, so now it will be once every two weeks for a while. If we see no improvement in the next two weeks from tomorrows treatment, well, you know. I hate to say it.

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Suzanne said...

i'm so sorry. i know i keep saying the same things to you but i'm constantly thinking of you and perry. i hope you know that you are doing everything you can and perry knows it! my fingers remain crossed...