Sunday, November 04, 2007

Perry update

Perry has completely lost any interest in eating. He is not feeling well at all. I am trying to keep my cool, chalking it up to friday's very aggressive treatment. He still has interest in food, just no interest in eating.
This afternoon I came home to an accident in the kitchen, a small one since he hasn't eaten much in the last few days. After I cleaned that up, I had to force feed him his pills. Something I only recently started to do since he stopped taking pills in food. I hate doing that. I have to pry his mouth open, get my whole hand in there, place the pill as far to the back as I can, and then close his mouth and keep his head up until he swallows. The strange thing is, I do this with two hands, so I am not holding him there, he just stays there all by himself. I am wondering if he is losing his fight. I wish he could speak. We shared a hug filled, petting, and crying time today. He knows I love him, he doesn't leave my side these days.

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