Friday, November 02, 2007

Now we wait and see.

We are home from the oncology center.
Perry behaved very good for this treatment, another iv one. This one took 10 minutes to administer as opposed to the usual couple of minutes. He needed a shot to combat nausea, as this treatment is known to cause dogs to vomit. There was no vomiting, thank the lucky stars.

There was, however, diarrhea on the ride to the treatment. Yeah, you heard that right. IN MY CAR! Thankfully only on the blanket. I could have killed us both trying to keep him away from that side of the backseat while I was driving. I was almost in tears.
After the treatment, Jessica gave us another blanket for the backseat, thanks Jess.
He just slept most of the ride home.

So, we need to make an appointment with our regular vet to get bloodwork done next friday. No oncology visit next week. We are now on the every two weeks plan, for the time being.

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