Friday, November 09, 2007

Picking up the pieces

Well, I haven't as of yet.
Pieces are still everywhere, probably will be until we are ready to pick them up.

Scott and I did have a few good laughs tonight thanks to Suzanne's comment on the previous post.

'Zaipoopish' was a favorite toy of Perry's which he ripped apart, but loved so much that he knew the name. He would pick this toy out of a dozen if I called for it.
It was a ridiculous looking multi colored humanish form with rope hair. Very sturdy, and lasted a long time. I named it after a crazy Tom Waits song called 'Kommienezuspadt', it seemed to fit. I looked through all my pictures, and sadly I have no picture of Zaipoopish. He will just remain in my memory, and Suzanne's apparently. I have no idea how to embed a song on this blog, if I did, you would hear the strangest song ever.

That along with the terrifying 'at times' tuck and run, Perry was truly a character. Scott reminisced tonight about a time that Erik was over and Perry was in a rare form of 'tuck and run'. The most exciting, terrifying type running around you can imagine. He actually tucked his butt under himself and ran around at high speed. This particular evening, Erik was sitting on the couch and Perry was in such high gear, he actually ran 'around' Erik. Yes, up the couch, around the back of the couch (where Erik was sitting), and down the other side. Erik is lucky to have his life.

Thank you Suzanne, this is what we should be focusing on now. The happiness, the good times, the tuck and runs. Zaipoopish!

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