Wednesday, November 28, 2007

11.27.2007 10:39pm

11.27.2007 10:39pm

Few things could cause me to be more irritated than some events that happened today.

My morning was good. The first job of the day was virtually uneventful unless I count the totally useless meeting that I attended which kept me late at work. I will not get into it fully, but I will say a marketing plan for 2008 turned out to be a chat fest about new software we should try…a total waste of time.

After I left the office, I headed to the frame shop, hoping to get some work done and get Julie out of the weeds, and I ended up spending a fair amount of time trying to discipline a completely out of control dog. I love dogs (I love, love, love dogs!), I don’t mind training them, but everyone around me just ignored the bad behavior, making this one of the most irritating situations I have been in for quite some time. This dog barked a full 5 hours that I was there (less when I started to try to discipline him), and everyone just ignored it, including his owner. As I sit here now, I can say with complete assuredness that this dog’s behavior could have easily rivaled a screaming, temper-tantrumed 3 year old.

When I got to the shop, I was so hungry I had to get some lunch, and I made a mistake. I had a chicken Caesar salad that did not agree with me to the point of cold sweats, nausea, and green/pale face. I would have been better off not eating at all. I thought it may have been mild food poisoning, but it could have been homemade Caesar dressing with raw egg. I cannot eat egg. Mustn’t eat egg.

So, now I sit here in front of this useless laptop, trying to get a connection to the ‘inter-web’. I am using all my self control not to whip this piece of metal across the room and out the window. In fact, if it was summertime out there right now, I just might have entertained that idea a bit more. I just hate the cold so much that I would like to keep the windows intact.

Thanks to Microsoft Word, I have the ability to write about my irritation while it is still fresh in my mind, and fresh at my fingers. I will now attempt to get on the internet once again for the 40th time tonight so I may post this babble. Wish me luck.

Update: I could not get on the internet after three long drawn-out attempts. I will have to post this tomorrow, if in fact I can get some kind of connection then. For now, I suppose I can just go up to the bathroom and stare at the hole in the tiles on the back side of the shower.

Update #2: Make that 4 long drawn-out attempts.

Update #3: As you can see, I finally acheived a connection. I don't expect it to last for long.

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