Sunday, November 04, 2007

Demon Days

My ipod is broken. I have to take it to an apple shop very soon, since I don't have a warrenty on it and it was purchased at the beginning of December (Sweet gift from hubby). It decided all by itself that I only need music coming out of the left earpod. Yeah, I checked three different headphones with is the ipod, not the earpods.

Anyway, I was listening to some of my favorite music on the laptop with my ipod earpods (which sound great, btw, out of both ears) tonight, and I realized that Demon Days is an album that I associate with taking Perry for a walk. We like the progression, the beats and the cadence...good dog walking album, if I may say so myself. It gives big steps and a swift walk.

I just want to remember this. Perry loves the Gorillaz.


Suzanne said...

perry's got some good taste in music!

Kathy Weller said...

I cannot read your blog at work. I wore mascara today.