Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Send a card to Max!

A friend of mine from Iowa posted this plea on a jewelry forum that we both frequent.
Please send Max a card!!!

I'm posting this only because I do know the family and that this is for real. Got this note in our church bulletin on Sunday:

Can you help? Max ___ is a 3rd grader at Underwood Elementary School. His mother, Bambi, drives a school bus. Some time back, he had leukemia. It was in remission, but now is back. The teachers at the school wish he could receive one million cards. That is the goal. Even if you don't know him or his family - send a card. Send it to:

PO Box 129
Silver City, IA 51571

This is his aunt's address, she is collecting the cards.

I thought it would be neat for Max to receive cards from all across the country...heck the world, so I am recruiting my online friends. I will keep in touch with the teachers at the elementary school (this is my little town) and will remove the address when the goal has been reached.

Feel free to post on blogs, etc.,....1,000,000 cards is a lofty goal!!!!

Please send cards by June 1, 2008. Thanks, so much!


Beading Help Web Editorial Team said...

Nancy, thanks for posting this! I hope we can fill Max's mailbox with smiles. :-)


Kathy Weller said...

this is cool. thanks!!


Jewelryforallages said...

I really want to find out about the cards. I sent a typical Vancouver Postcard... It will be cool to find out how many cards he got!!!