Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another lifted picture.

Another picture lifted from the Boxer Rescue.

Cutie pie Buster. How could anyone leave him to fend for himself? I just don't get it. He will be here soon.


Suzanne said...

I can't wait! :)

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Hi Nancy, If you go to Sunderland there is a great BBQ place called "Bub's." If you like BBQ, it's the best! (So like me to be thinking about food at a time like this...)

Excitedly looking forward to hearing of the addition to your family!

Anna Zumi said...

He is SOOOOO cute!!!!!!! All the best!!!!

Suzanne said...

soon you won't have to "lift" any pictures of Buster because you will be taking your own pics! yay!