Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a curious Observation

Buster has been with us for 25 days.

When Buster had been with us for enough time that a bit of trust had been rooted (really only a day), I did a little check on his physical well being. I noticed that one ear was fine, and one had some rips and a lot of cauliflowering for lack of a better term, on the outer edge of that earlobe. I attributed this to his being on the streets in the past, and most likely fighting with other strays or other creatures for that matter. I never thought that those wounds were fresh.

Tonight I had this pup sleeping peacefully by my side on the couch, and I started looking and playing with his ears in a sort of unconscious way. I went back and forth from ear to ear touching, stroking and just massaging while he slept and I watched SuperNanny. All of a sudden I realized that there was hardly a difference between the ears, except for one rather small rip in the right ear. His cauliflowering has healed. His right ear is just as smooth around the rim as the left, except for that one little rip.

I am so glad to see some sort of physical healing for this little neglected pooch. It makes the bad behavior easier to deal with. We are working on the biting/nipping, it is getting fewer and farther between attacks. I think he will heal emotionally just as fine as his cauliflower ear has healed. Wish us luck!

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Kathy Weller said...

Buster!! I love you!!!