Saturday, April 05, 2008


It was a long drive, but we are home!

Buster is the sweetest thing! He took to us instantly, and showed no vicious behaviour at all. We got home and he took his time sniffing everywhere and running around the backyard. He even let us give him a bath!

Our first walk, this is somewhere in the Berkshires, Scott walking him with the longest leash I had ever seen.

Sniffing around...

Coming straight to me

And we are home in his new yard, he ran around like crazy for a while

On the back porch

I had to sit next to him for a picture, but I think he wants the spotlight alone...heehee

He got a pink rabbit as a gift from Jane, he was trying to kill it.

I think he killed it.

So there is your introduction.
He is such a loving dog, I can't believe he was treated like a vicious animal.

And...he's a dribbler after he drinks.


luna said...

he is so beautiful!
*squeeze* we love you, buster!

nancyrosetta said...

Thanks so much luna!

He just settled in so quick, I can't believe it.

luna said...

he knew love when he felt it.
thank you for giving him a place to give and receive love. you are a hero!

Blue Noodle said...

awwwww there's tucker's rope. :( he's so sweet.

ami said...


he looks very happy...and best of all so do you!

Amanda said...

i'm so thrilled this worked out! i have been following the story on etsy.

dribbling: that must be the boxer in him! hahaha!

Elizabeth said...

I've been following Buster's story all over the place! It is great to read about a happy ending. Hooray for Jane and everyone else who cared enough to post in their internet groups, on the forums, and even an alchemy request! :) Way to go, Nancy!

LicaLee said...

Hooray for Buster! He looks so happy, it's so sad to think that he was almost at the end of his days. Nancy, you are a great person, Buster is really lucky to have you :)

nancyrosetta said...

Thanks again luna, I can't thank you enough for all you've done on his behalf!

bluenoodle, he loves the rope, we have tugged with it a few times already, Thanks!

Ami, thank you so much!

Amanda, when he drinks, he swallows, but it's that last mouthful that he just lets flow all over the place. Do all Boxer's dribble like that? I know a certain Black Lab who does.

Elizabeth, thanks for following his story, and Jane is amazing!

licalee, he is so happy! His story was sad, I am still very upset over the way he was treated and am planning on writing a nasty letter to the Kent County SPCA.

I will take more pics tomorrow!

Bek/Clevergirl said...

Congrats to you and to Buster!
Giant hugs and belly rubs!

eeka said...

Yea...I'm so happy that Buster is finally home and being loved and spoiled, and taken care of...Welcome, Buster! I can't wait to meet him...

Suzanne said...

Nancy- thanks so much for bringing Buster over! He is even cuter in person (which I couldn't even imagine)! Raven and Buster will be best friends! I am so happy for you, Scott and Buster! :)