Friday, April 04, 2008

He's almost here.

So, the lastest is that Buster is doing fine, he is in the quarantine facility right now.
Jane dropped him there yesterday, and felt good about the place. He has a space of about 20 feet square with a bed and has some toys that he is tossing around all by himself.

If he got there before 5pm yesterday, we would have been able to get him on friday, but since he needs a vet check before we can take him home, he will be there until Saturday. He has an appointment at 10:45am Saturday morning, in Great Barrington very close to the quarantine shelter, so we are meeting Jane there then. He still needs a bath, she said he was extremely dirty, and he has some stress baldness. He spent 3 weeks and 1 day in a facility that treated him as if he was a criminal. My heart still bleeds for him, for what he went through, but he will be here soon, and I will take lots of pictures!

Thanks for all the prayers from everyone, I think they worked, and he is over his suffering now, bath notwithstanding.


Suzanne said...

Tomorrow! You will be picking Buster up tomorrow!!! I bet tomorrow won't come fast enough. I'll be thinking of you.

luna said...

i am SO happy for you both!!!
you get to meet your new addition and he gets his new "leash" on life!
wishing you the best...