Monday, June 16, 2008

This is ridiculous

I saw the shortest snippet on the news tonight about these stiletto crib shoes for babies 0-6 months. I had to investigate, and I found the website heelarious, her first high heels . Sure they are funny looking, but *ahem* they are in extremely poor taste in my opinion.

I am not a mother, but if I had a child I would not treat it like a barbie doll.

Who buys these? The child is definitely not begging for them, hell, the child can't even stand let alone speak.

I would love to hear your thoughts, since after seeing these shoes, my mind has completely shut down.


luna said...

wow. i find these really disturbing. what's next? baby's first eyeliner? baby's first chemical peel?
jeez. nothing like teaching your daughter that beauty is on the inside and that there is value in being yourself!
holy moly!!

Suzanne said...

I must admit that I do find these funny....maybe it's a good thing I don't have kids :P

abstractjenn said...

I agree with luna - this is disturbing. In fact I'm so disturbed I'm going to talk about it on my blog too.

People these are babies not DOLLS!

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Uh oh. I feel a bit silly admitting this----but I kind of thought these were funny.

I can even imagine (gasp) putting my little girl in a pair.

I don't think it's about teaching your daughter that beauty is inside or out. These shoes don't elongate the leg and show off the calf, instead I think it's more of a costume.

Maybe I'm being shallow because I'm obviously in the minority here. I'm going to think about it a bit more because usually I'm all over a cause, especially when it comes to women's issues.

Kathy Weller said...

oh my gosh i do not even have to click on the link to know what you are talking about. They should come with a matching barf bag. Eh? ;) Way to sexualize your child! Ugh. (Now, pass me that barf bag. Seriously.)

Go Celtics!!

Suzanne said...

wow nancy - you got some serious comments on this one!

just wanted to let kim know that I totally agree with her - i think it's meant to be more of a costume.
i really think these are just meant for fun :)

Meilan said...

I'm a mom with a girl. Would I dress my daughter in these slippers? hmmm, I've stuffed balls down her onesie and taken a pic of her with Dolly Parton dimensions and she was drooling I think she was about 4/5 months old. But then again, I did put blueberries on eyes when she was 12 days old and fast asleep. So I guess I don't think it is disturbing, but personally not my sense of humour.