Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Days until the Marketplace

I've been off the computer and trying to be productive the last few days. And I'm finally feeling ready for the Marketplace on Saturday. I have some new things and I have already been setting up some displays to make it easier for set up at the actual show, especially earring displays...they are very time consuming. We have only one hour to get our booths ready since there is a farmer's market ending right before we begin. Good reason to get there early, huh? Fresh fruit and veggies!

I am so excited for this show, not only because it is so well advertised and I am in it, but for the fact that I will be meeting other wonderful vendors and seeing all their most awesome handmade things! I'll probably be spending as much as I make. Some sellers who I am really excited to shop with are Elizabeth Brennick Designs, Mimi Kirschner, The Hole Thing, Muchacha K, Vintage By Crystal, Cozy Cottage Creations, Jessica Burko Designs, and Lucky Monkey There are so many others, too, I hope I don't go broke.


Suzanne said...

you know i will be there! and we won't forget the table. i'll keep my fingers crossed that it won't rain. :)

nancyrosetta said...

My fingers are crossed for nice weather, too. From the looks of it right now, it's going to be a wet weekend.

Thinking dry thoughts! Thinking dry thoughts!