Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chik'n rediscovered

I love these!

I had a boca spicy chik'n sandwich for dinner and I have to say that this box will be gone in no time. Really, these substitutes have come a long way. The last time I tried a soy based chicken substitute I was gnawing on cardboard for crying out loud!

It's really hard for me to eat right, having a meat and potatoes husband, but since he is working the night shift, I have been experimenting with my meals. I may just fool him with this product. I went to the grocery store tonight and bought a bunch of veggies for stir fry and picked up these patties as an afterthought. When I got home, it was too much bother to cook, and since I had hamburger buns and some lettuce, I just cooked up a chik'n pattie and loved it! I want another, too bad for me that it's too late to eat.

They have a nice spice, and really have a great texture. I think I'm hooked.


Suzanne said...

yum! i will have to search these out in the supermarket. i know the plain ones are really good so i can imagine that a little spice would make them even better!

Scott said...

I don't like the implication that I am made out of "meat and potatos".