Wednesday, June 25, 2008

nancyrosetta artisan jewerly

Jewerly....yeah, jewerly. You read that right. I feel oddly, religiously pigeonholed now by a stupid misspelling. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

It should be a beautiful thing, but...well, I think I am a little more embarrassed by the spelling than I am happy to accept credit cards.

So there ya go! My imprint for credit card sales. Damn!
They will get a new plate out to me with the correct spelling, but sadly, not in time for my weekend show.

And just in case you thought that I would misspell jewelry, here is my packing slip with the imprint engraving that I ORDERED.

Glad I could give you all a chuckle. Now come buy something from me on Saturday, and you will have a keepsake misspelled credit card receipt, it could be worth something someday, right? Ya, right. Whatever.


abstractjenn said...

A chuckle?? How about an outright guffaw?? I was on the phone with Kim and I read this to her out loud hysterically laughing.....

I hope you do well at the show on Sunday!

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Of course I had to check your blog to see it for myself. Stuff like this makes me NUTS.

I'm wishing you much succe$$ for your show!

Suzanne said...

Damn! That just plain sucks. (and I only laughed a little....)

Holly said...

OMG Nancy that is hysterical in a you-too-will-soon-find-this-very-funny kind of way. It reminds me of B&B forum spammers.

I hope you kick ass and take names at your show. Obviously that means selling lots of Artisan Jewerly.

Kathy Weller said...

Awesome. Oh how funny. I am not laughing at your pain. I am laughing with you. I've had similar mishaps. I can't think of any of them at the moment though becuse I am chuckling too hard over yours. I think yours might take the cake!! :)


Blue Noodle said...

baby you are gonna sell so much jewerly that not a single soul is going to give a damn!

funny storey and totally true, when i first set up my website and spent DAYS on all my hoity toity graphics that i was so proud of making on adobe and bla bla banner said jewerly.
i swear on a chocolate eclair.