Monday, June 09, 2008


I am seriously melting here.

It's the third day of 90+ with oppressive humidity and I am ready for autumn. It's not even officially summer yet! I like the heat alone, maybe I should move to the desert.

Yes, I am moving to the desert. I'll send you all a postcard.

I celebrated this official heatwave today with a manicure/pedicure. My hands and feet are happy, if nothing else.


abstractjenn said...

Nancy - I'm right there with ya. I had to finally buy an air conditioner today because I thought I might actually die in my sleep!

Did you bring any of those ear rings to the gallery? I need to buy a couple of pair for gifts!

See you soon.


Suzanne said...

ugh- I am feeling your pain too! as you know, we moved our bedroom upstairs and our a/c won't fit in that window!!!

for me no a/c = crappy sleep, crappy mood

don't move to the desert- then I would NEVER see you!

even though you might not be ready for this heat - at least you look ready with your mani/pedi :)