Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sick Dog? I've had enough!

Perry is becoming as much of an embarrassment as my broken zipper.

This dog is still sick, but not acting like it (unless you count the endless diarrhea). I am at my wits end!

Scott and I woke up once again to a treat of loose stool in the book room this morning. This may garner a sympathetic reaction to readers of all ages, but our bedroom door was open and there was no whining, scratching, yelping, or general "I need to go out" type behaviour. In fact, I was in half sleep most of the night and morning, and heard nothing...NOTHING!

This leads me to believe that either Perry has totally lost his ability to hold any type of stool with no modesty, or that he thinks it is okay now to just shit in the same spot whenever he feels the urge. I say the same spot, because it has been the SAME SPOT for the last 3 accidents, and I use the term 'accident' loosely.

I am extremely thankful to my friends J and S for allowing us to hold on to their ultra powerful carpet steam cleaner, since it has been in use for the last week and a half. Thanks J and S!

So tonight, I fed Perry for the last time at 6pm, hoping to limit his 'need' in the morning.
I still await the results from the loose stool sample I brought to the vet on monday. He is acting very energetic and eats his food quickly. He is not acting like a sick dog at all. He still looks skinny, has not gained any weight, and Scott observed this morning that his last 'mistake' smelled like fresh dog food. A little disturbing, but we can only wait and see.

Scott covered the offending spot to 'shit on' with newspaper before he went to bed. I am hoping that either Perry gets confused by that and wakes us to go out, or he just fucking shits on the paper!

So J and S, are you ready to watch P next week? Ha!


Suzanne said...

hmmmm, i think we are going away too next week...... just kidding, of course we are ready to watch perry - poop and all! you'll just have to bring the steam cleaner back along with Perry. :)

Kathy Weller said...

AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Dilemma!!!!!!!!

If you are not satisfied with your vet maybe you should try a vet hospital. Not that I would ever suggest Angell, but thay are state of the art..