Sunday, September 02, 2007

Late Saturday Night Rambling

September, I can't believe that it is already September. I can feel the fall in the air already. It is so cold this evening, I am shivering as I post. I closed a couple of windows, but this is the season of anything goes weather, so I didn't close them all.

Last night Scott and I met Jape and Suzanne for dinner, we went to Bamboo for sushi. It was really really good. Suze and I split an order of toro...mmmmmmmm, expensive, but worth it.

Before I met them at their house (Scott was already there), I made a new ring. I struggled with the filing to make the pieces fit before soldering until I decided to just smash and solder...and it worked! Anyone interested in this particular technique that I frustratedly stumbled upon can feel free to ask, I have no secrets! I will spare the gorey details for now.

Here is the ring.

After struggling for about 1 hour trying to get the sides of the shank to fit perfectly to the circle for soldering, I gave up and just smashed the ends of the shank with a planishing hammer and soldered it to the back of the circle. Okay, non-secret revealed. There ya go.

I love this ring, I wore it all night yesterday, and most of today. I don't have it on right now, or I would be staring at it on my finger and making boku typo's.

I have tomorrow off, I plan on cleaning and straitening up the house (yeah, laugh all you want Suze and Jape) and cleaning the bathroom so I can finally have some guests over. The summer seems to have been my cleaning season off. I aspire to have people over, I really do. Ughhh!


Suzanne said...

is the bathroom clean? can we come over right now??? it's labor day and we need to celebrate!

nancyrosetta said...

I did clean the bathroom, can you believe it?
Now I have to focus on the rest of the house, Heehee.
You should come over and help me!