Friday, September 14, 2007

Alien Amoeba Pendant

So, the pseudopods are more round in this version, but all I could think of was an amoeba when I look at this. So maybe this is what an alien amoeba looks like...who knows?

I melted the balls using sterling silver scrap wire and sheet. I formed the bezed using fine sterling bezel wire and soldered the bezel and melted blobs of silver onto a backplate.

I sawed out the design, which rounds each and every sterling ball and then filed and sanded until I could file and sand no more. I think it still needs some more, but after two days on this project, I just would like it to be finished. I oxidized and polished it. I may work more on this in the coming weeks, but tommorow I will just wear it as it is. I am happy with the outcome, but it could be better.

There is a gouge in the bezel (between 9 and 10 on a clock) which will not come out, but I am fine with that if I keep this for myself.

This is quite heavy for its size, the balls are solid sterling and the backplate is 24ga. I will wear it tomorrow and see if I get any feedback on it.

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Meilan said...

Alien egg. Yeah... the best mistakes are always for the orginal designer...