Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Perry's Prognosis

The vet called tonight at 9:30pm. Yeah, 9:30pm.
I was so nervous all day wondering what the hell is wrong with my dog, and everytime I called the office, I was given the same mechanical statements, I would get a phone call. I didn't expect it to come so late. Scott and I were watching 'What Perez Says' when the call finally came in. As a matter of fact, Scott had just said something like "we aren't going to hear tonight" when I shushed him cause my phone was ringing.

So, the vet told me that Perry's problem is not serious, it is not something that cannot be managed or cured. His bloodwork came back good, and his urine tests, too.
His problem is that he has NO bacteria in his intestines. Or at least that's what I got out of the conversation. There was a whole lot of medical mumbo jumbo that I am too innocent to comprehend, so...

Here is my take on the prognosis...in laymans terms:

Perry has evicted the good bacteria in his system. He told 'them' to get the hell out by not eating. This has caused a whole lot of diahhrea and a bit of vomiting. The food that he has been getting down is being all curned up by his stomach acids, but when the churned food gets into his intestines where the good stuff happens, it is not being absorbed into nutrition, it is just coming out. He has not been getting any nutrition out of what little food he has been eating. So, he has been losing weight, too.

The food that I picked up at the vet is a bland, easily digestable canned food that Perry can't get enough of. He actually scratches at his bowl for more...he has never done that with any other food. He had two cans yesterday, and three today.

Unfortunately, he still has diarrhea. I expressed my concern to the vet, and was told to start mixing in some good bacteria into his food. So I will pick that up tomorrow at the vet office, along with a different type of food to feed him until the diarrhea stops.

Perry is already acting alot better and hungry, which is GREAT, and I am sure when he gets his buddies back in his system, he will be having some great sturdy girthy poops once again.

I am so relieved. I hope the bacteria treatment works.


Suzanne said...

yay for perry! that is great news. Raven's happy too! :)

Good bacteria rules!

Kathy Weller said...

Hey Nancy! That's really great news! Ruby takes Fortiflora everyday mixed with her food. Is this part of the treatment that the vet is giving Perry, too? It's a probiotic powder. Helps Ruby because she is a bad-bacteria machine. Perry's problem sounds really strange, but I am so glad that you guys are able to come up with a treatment plan that will product positive results for Perry's health. Congrats!! Perry, hugs from me!

Howd'ya like Perez Sez? I think he should have his own regular show (I think ti was only a "special"). He has a lot of charisma! I enjoyed the show a lot.

nancyrosetta said...

Thanks Suzanne, and Raven.

Perry is on Fortiflora, he has a 30 day supply. I don't know yet if he will have to take it everyday of his life, or just for the 30 days.
Perry still has diarrhea, it has firmed up some, but not much. I worry that this may not solve his problem (but I am a worrywort), I am hoping it just takes time.

I loved Perez Sez, I was hoping it was a regular weekly show. If not, it should be.

m3rma1d said...

hahahaha I'm so proud of Peretzel making the "bigtime" over the last few months... I've been following that crazy fag forever, he r00lz.

I'm glad my pal Percy is gonna be ok. :-)