Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mom's Surprise 70th

My sisters and I planned a surprise birthday party for my mom. The surprise was last night, and it was a total success. I couldn't have hoped for a better turn out.

I have neglected to post any plans on here previously in case mom checked out my blog...which she never does, but you never know. I have told her to check it from time to time in the past.

Anyhoo, the night turned out fabulously even after my almost meltdown. I had spent the last two days not sure that the lodge would remember that I had rented the space. I made the deposit approximately a month previous, and checked the place out. It looked good, I was feeling good. Then a couple of days before the party, I tried to call to confirm, and left a message, no one got back to me.
I then called early on the day of, and left a message, and no one got back to me...
I then was forced to call George Parrelli while he was at work at the Pleasant cafe bartending (he is a member of the lodge, a true old timer) and he gave me Andy's home phone number. I called Andy's home, spoke with his wife, and she put my mind at ease.

So, all went off without a hitch. I am pleased with the results. Mom got lots of gifts from people she loves, and was totally surprised.

Here are some pics...
A photo of what you saw as you walked in.

A matted invitation ready for signatures, along side the present table...

The birthday girl greeting her friends and family, here she is greeting my Aunt Elena

The birthday girl (in the center wearing a tiara). She was so surprised. This pic is after she had calmed down and greeted everyone. She is relaxing watching the juggler show.

Peter Panic the juggler/commedian. He did a great job, we had a lot of fun.

Peter almost rolled over Maria. She is okay...heehee.

Everyone had a great time, including Dolly the birthday girl.
I just got off the phone with her tonight. 1 hour 21 minutes 46 seconds. She is clearly still beaming. Happy birthday mom!


Meilan said...

That's great I so glad you had a wonderful special evening with your Mom!!!!

Kathy Weller said...

Awesome party!!!!! Thanks Nancy!!!!!