Monday, September 10, 2007

My P-Love is ill.

I am afraid my poor P-Love is sick. Really sick.
Perry has had diarrhea bad for the last 4 days that I have noticed, and loose stools for a lot longer than that.
He has been losing weight, most noticably to me the last week or so.

He lost his appetite for his food about 2 days ago, and would only take snacks willingly.

So this morning I awoke, took a shower, and got ready for work, all while P stayed at the top of the stairs between the bedroom and bathroom doors. I walked over him about 6 times. I finished getting ready for work, walked downstairs to find about a 5 foot length of diarrhea on the carpet along with 2 small piles of vomit.

This dog does NOT make a habit of shitting in the house. He can actually hold his needs for hours and hours usually, so I knew something was wrong.

I called Julie (the shop needed to be opened), called the vet, and called Scott.
The vet accepted my plea for Perry to be seen immediately and I rushed him over.
He was examined, prodded, had blood drawn, and I was asked a million questions. His temperature was elevated, he was dehydrated (not so much so to require an iv), and his weight was 6 pounds lighter than his last visit (June).

So, until I get any blood work results, I am left with 3 scenarios. I am sure the vet wants to rule out the worst first and then focus on lesser problems.
I left the vet with my sick dog with the knowledge that we could be facing cancer, lyme disease (kidney shutdown) or a gastrointestinal disorder.
As you can imagine I am quite beside myself over this at the moment.
I was also asked to gather a urine sample to bring in, I wondered if I would be able to do this, but I was successful this evening, so it is in my fridge right now in a little test tube with rubber top that the vet gave me.

I do have some good news tho. I also left the vet with some medications and some prescription canned food. I fed Perry a half can when we returned from the vet, along with the first of his doses of meds. He gobbled up the food.
I went to work fully expecting to come home to another mess of diarrhea and vomit, and I didn't. Perry actually was hungry when I got home, so I fed him the other half can and he gobbled that up, too.

This evening he was ravenous, I fed him a whole can and he wanted more. I gave him his night meds and he seems to be doing better. Both the meds are for intestinal disorders. One actually is prescribed for ulcers, too.

So, I am beginning to be a bit optimistic. I fear the worst, but I am hoping for the best. I know dogs don't live forever, but I am not done with Perry yet!
I will bring the urine to the vet in the morning and ask about the bloodwork, I hope they have something to tell me. I will post when I hear more.


Kathy Weller said...

keep me in the loop!! I'm going to call you .

nancyrosetta said...

I delivered the urine this morning. The vet was not in yet.
I was told he would call me inbetween appointments today.
I waited until 2:30pm, called the vet, and was told that he would call me inbetween appointments and that he had appointments until 8pm. I waited some more, called at 7:30pm, and spoke to someone who said the vet was going to call me after his last appointment at 8pm. It is now 8:57pm and I have heard nothing. I am worried and irritated.

m3rma1d said...

awww Percy :-(

(I know, I know--his real name is Pelly)