Saturday, July 14, 2007

Something Stinky This Way Comes

Perry got sprayed by a skunk tonight.

It has been a few years, so I guess Scott and I were caught off guard.
Usually when we start smelling them around, we will take precautions, however, we have not smelled any skunk this season so far. So we were naive and stupid and are paying for it now. He still stinks of skunk, even after a skunk bath.

Perry is normally free to roam the yard (fenced in) at any time of year. When we start smelling skunk around, he is confined at night by a chain on the back porch when he wants to go out.

We heard something out the window tonight, and then knew right away when Perry started jumping on the back door to get in. I walked into the kitchen to get the screen open for him, and was almost knocked down by the smell. Needless to say, I didn't let him in.
I called to Scott to get the shampoo, and a towel, and quick.

We washed him, we need to do it again when Scott gets home (he went out tonight, I think he will be home early if his friends smell skunk). We took showers after we bathed him, so we are doing fine, but the clothes we were wearing may not fair so well.

If someone knows some trick to keeping skunks out of your yard, please let me know. Our yard is fenced in with a six foot cedar picket, and we routinely make sure that areas around the bottom of the fence are free from gaps.
I need a pet friendly deterrant for skunks!

Oh! It's friday the 13th! That explains it.

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