Thursday, July 26, 2007

Martini Anyone?

I just had a cartoon moment.

I must preface this by saying that everytime I want like 5 ice cubes, there are none in the freezer.

I do not use ice too often, really only with a select few rarely made drinks...ohh and Ice Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Tonight I wanted to have a Pomegranate Martini. Ice is a key ingredient! I actually stopped at the liquor store to get the Stirrings Pomegranate Martini stuff.

So, I get home, place the martini mix in the fridge, and go about my other nonsence for the day. I could have been chilling ice cubes for hours!

Later tonight I went to make a martini, and I have 2 ice cubes. TWO! There are 2 whole ice cube trays, but there were 2 cubes in one, and none in the other. WTF? If you use the ice, REPLACE THE WATER!! Ugghhh, but I am getting off track here...

I grab the empty ice tray and take it to the sink. I fill it up with water, making sure that no water spashes up to the spout and then drops into the tray. I have issues, I know. I also rinse the thing out in between fillings, concerned with possible back splash. I am sick.

I carefully return the filled tray to the freezer and unload the tray containing the two cubes. I pause at the stove where my glass is sitting. I contemplate for a moment that I should move to the table, but I remain at the stove .

My glass is precariously positioned in the triange of room between the burner closest to the fridge and the corner of the stove. I twist the plastic cube maker to loosen the two cubes and they pop with such a force that I almost lost one. I had visions of it falling in the space between the fridge and stove, a place that no item worthy of ingestion would ever live to talk about. A place where you can't just "kiss it up to god", rinse it off, and use it. A very stressful moment, thankfully the ice cube and I prevailed....for the moment...

I delicately grab the ice cube that almost escaped, only to loose the other. This is were it got cartoony. In my totally awesome success at saving the ice cube, the other one got out of my grips... I failed it miserably. It took a dive and landed between the fridge and stove. I saw it happen in slow motion. The ice cube jumped from its nest, teetered on the edge of the tray, fell onto the fleshy part of my palm near my thumb, and slid down my palm and into the depths of no-mans land. I had precious little time to react, but react I did, just not successfully. I still remember the choreography. Totally one of those 'beside yourself' moments that you have to laugh at later.

So after all that, and having a moderately cold martini, I am here to recommend Stirrings Pomegranate Martini mixer, because it was so tasty with even just one ice cube. I just imagined that I was halfway finished with it from the get go, and I was okay with the chill level. Now, an hour later and drink finished, I could have a pomegranate slushie (ice is not ice yet), but I think I will just go to bed.


Suzanne said...

Ha! What a funny story!

I love pommegranate martinis- we will have to get together and have some!

Scott said...

I fail at stocking the ice trays.