Saturday, July 14, 2007

I cut my bangs today

So, all of you who know me and know what I look like will probably be saying... 'It's about time'.

I have been growing out my bangs, trying to settle on a new look unsuccessfully.
I keep doing this, I don't know why, because I look best with the short Betty Page bangs and long hair.

Today before I went to work, I cut the bangs. It took me a full hour to get it right, I am very particular in how it looks. I am the only one who can cut them to my specifications. This saves hundreds on haircuts, thousands even!

I am a drip dry girl, and even tho the bangs require blowdrying, I am already happy I did it. Bangs rule! For me anyway.

So there ya go. Bangs cut, instant style...or not. For me it is.

Damn! I should have worn lipstick!


Holly said...

Hoooooray! Bettie's back!

tworabbitshow said...

I had bangs for forever. Then I let them grow out and never looked back. Soooo much less work. But they sure are cute on you!