Thursday, July 05, 2007


I just found out that an old friend that works at a bar I used to frequent (and Scott still does) has Multiple Sclerosis.


Keff has made me smile just by looking at him, he is the kindest most friendly guy and doesn't deserve to have this. I am extremely sad, I cried, and writing this makes me weepy even now after I have had time to digest this information.

Keff is a voice artist and bartender. He works at J.J. Foley's in Boston, and J.J. Foley's in the South End, and has a website to promote his voice talent, he is a walking talking cartoon, a real talent! His website is, for some reason I can't make a link tonight, I have tried about 10 times with no luck.

I don't know anything about multiple sclerosis, perhaps I should do some research. He never appeared to have a problem, I don't suppose you can just 'get' MS, maybe you can. I have not been right all night.

I really love this guy, I am not a religious gal, but I am going to pray for him everyday.


m3rma1d said...

Yeah, sucks. I have a couple friends with MS. The worst part about it is how completely fucking unpredictable it is (therefore making it basically uncontrollable & shit)
I'd like to tell you "Oh, he'll be fine"... but that would make me a retarded.
Then again, one of my friends was at the stage of being unable to walk and all kinds of other shit, and then bounced back like a fucking champ! She still has some probs, and goes thru her bad periods, but certainly much much better than she'd been for quite a spell there.
But, that all goes with the unpredictable nature of it--at any given random moment, and for however long it feels like, it can get worse OR better. Fuck that fucking shittyness. :-(

nancyrosetta said...

It really sucks.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I learned about MS during my research when I was unsure what I had is that it can come and go and then never show its ugly head ever again. It can make life a mess or not be to bad m3rma1d is right it is very unpredictable.
I hope that your friend does not have a really bad time with it, it really stinks altogether.


KeffDolan said...

Hi Nancy,m3rmaid & anonymous!
Thanks for your post(s)
It will be 7 years on Oct.31st (2001) that I was officially Dx'd w/Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.
Some now refer to 'Relapsing Remitting' MS as just 'Relapsing'-these days.
True m3rmaid, there have been
times during my 'new life' when MS 'sucks'-Either daily,hourly or both.
However, staying on the 'bright side' (there is believe it or not)is what I 'try' to do.Even as I have now moved out of the 'relapsing' stage (individuals may have re-occurring symptoms such as greater fatigue, optic neuritis,loss of movement,tingling/numbness to mention only a few)into a 'Secondary Progressive' course which basically means for me- I now have difficulty lifting my left foot while walking(still!) & use a cane primarily to assist me. That being said, Those of us w/MS are a very adaptive group not easy to give up wherever & whatever comes our way. There continues to be new drugs & therapies along w/'research' to further manage & help reduce the number & frequency of those 'relapses'. Finding a 'cure' is what a lot of folks w/various chronic diseases' would Love to have- But, to accomplish this, Finding the 'reason' or 'cause of'(i & others believe) is Vital to even begin to find that 'Cure'.
I would encourage anyone who has or knows anyone
recently diagnosed w/Multiple Sclerosis NOT to 'give up' on Life or the thought that "It's all over". There are MANY people with & w/o MS who have aided me & answered Tons of questions I've had & continue to have.
is a Great place to start
for those wanting to know more & learn about Multiple Sclerosis.
Sorry you cried Nancy, but Thank you for your words & friendship :~)
All the Best to you & your friends w MS m3rmaid!