Saturday, July 07, 2007

One ring Two ring Three ring

I spent the better part of tonight making sterling silver rings. I actually had a hard time soldering with hard solder (medium and easy solder are no big deal with the propane torch). The hard solder is tough with just a propane torch, but I got it to flow after many failed attempts. Especially on this first ring, and the last one. The middle ring was easy because it is so thin and heats up quickly.

So this first ring is made from 4mm sterling dome rod which is 2mm high. Really thick if you ask me. I had to anneal this piece about 10 times to get it to even have any sort of give to shape it. I started out with just the rod and cut a piece the size I wanted and I couldn't even bend it at all before annealing (even during annealing for that matter...I had to keep annealing to get some give). Size 8 1/2 and scored with a saw 8 times around it to add some design. I don't think it is done. I will add more design to it when I get home from work tomorrow, and then list it on etsy.

This ring is 14gauge 1/2 round wire just soldered into a circle and then filed and sanded. I may do some sort of design on it, but it is really small, so I may just leave it as a plain band. This ring is size 7 1/2.

This is a manly band, a stout size 12 and 8mm wide. It is 1mm thick. I used sterling silver sheet for this one. 18 gauge. Sawed out the shank and soldered it closed. I will definately do some sort of design on this, I may even solder something to it.

Ok, so maybe none of these rings are 'done', but at least they are started. I will work more on them tomorrow, make more designs on them, and polish, polish, polish!
Check back to see the finished rings!

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