Sunday, October 12, 2008

SOWA...What a wonderful day!

I had a great time at the market today. We had fantastic weather, and although there were more lookyloos than customers, I'd say all in all the day turned out to be a huge success.
Here is a shot of our row (bostonhandmade etsy team) about an hour and a half before the market opened. The light is coming in sideways! The sun hasn't even fully come up yet.

I shared a booth with Jessica of ReclaimedToYou, she was an excellent booth mate, and our booth is the first in the line just to the left of the BostonHandmade banner.

Here is the show just getting started...different vantage point as the crowds were slow early on, I got to mosey around some.

Jessica's space is to the left, and mine is straight on. I wish I got a better picture of our booth together, I think it looked great! My hanging hands ring display was really a great addition to my general set up, it gave a lot of needed height. It was also nice to have people browse my rings without hunching over.

A close up of my table.

What a tremendous day! We may be invited again to show as a group next year, I am keeping my fingers crossed!


KHawkins said...

your booth display was really cool. It was a fun day

Jessica Burko said...

It was so wonderful sharing a booth with you! I hope we can do it again sometime!

seaglassthings said...

LOVE your ring displays Nancy! They really pop! Your table looked fantastic and it was so much fun yesterday :0)

Suzanne said...

your ring displays looks really cool - i am glad you had a good day!

Christine Marie said...

I loved the "hands" display too! It was fun being your next door neighbor :-)

Anonymous said...

So nancypants!!! The ring displays totally ROCK!!! What a wonderful idea! What did you make it out of? Wood? Metal? HUH HUH??? TELLLLLLLL WOMAN!!
x's and o's