Monday, October 27, 2008


The weekend was amazing. We made so many great memories of wonderful times with friends. The island is gorgeous, I don't know if I totally captured the weekend in photos, but I tried...
Lunch on Saturday at the Rose and Crown Pub.

Some of my boys... Kevin, Andy and Scott.

Saturday afternoon...oops, I have camera shadow in my face. It's still a goodish pic.

It was so windy, but somehow the wedding went on and it was just beautiful.

The wedding was very small, only about 70 guests as you can see by this picture from the third floor balcony, after the ceremony, before they broke it down. (they broke it down very quickly, the next time I looked, the chairs were gone).

Breakfast on Sunday at the Fog Island Cafe.

Kevin, Andy and Eric just after our breakfast.

This is all just a taste of Nantucket, I have a bunch of great pictures to share, but I need some down time first.
It's really an incredible little island with a distinctive look in all the architecture.

Thanks for indulging me. I will post more to follow. I need sleep now.


Vicki said...

What a wonderful trip, I'm glad you had a good time.

That last shot has a very eastcoasty feel to me. Nice.

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

What a lovely spot for a wedding!

Also, glad you made it to the Hose-Me-Down (aka Rose and Crown).

Funny, in the last picture you posted, the grey building behind the red one is where I used to work :)

ami said...

wow Nantucket is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Love that last picture especially....can't wait to see more!

The Mormon said...

Yes, it was a great weekend. Glad that you had fun!