Sunday, September 07, 2008

SOWA Sept 7th

Scott, Suzanne and I went to the SOWA Open Market today. I was itching to check it out ever since I learned that I would be selling there on October 12th.

The market today could have been busier, but I kept hearing from the various vendors that today was uncommonly slow. I also heard that October 12th will most likely be a much busier day because of the holiday and a lot of tourists would be shopping. I hope they are right. Regardless, it was a wonderful day. I bought some produce from Silverbrook Farms and some sourdough bread from another vendor.

I saw some fellow Boston Handmade members and chatted it up a bit.

It seems that Jessica was a bit camera shy today. She was selling her handmade bags which were very sweet. She shared a booth with her friend Rebecca from Little Wishes who makes beautiful sparkly jewelry.

While we were there, we witnessed this unfortunate Monkey melee at the MonkeyShines booth, I hope no one was injured!

But we also witnessed some incredibly sweet monkey love, too! It's so nice when we all get along, isn't it?

We actually did quite a bit more today than just go to the Market, but I will save the rest for another day. My tootsies are tired, and I am ready to eat my purchases.


Suzanne said...

that was a lot of fun- how did your farmer's market dinner turn out?

BurkoDesign said...

I'm always camera shy :) It was great seeing you all!

julie said...

I love these monkeys!!!!