Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obedience training Today

The appointment yesterday went well.

Scott and I had a little bit of trouble finding the Center for Behavior and Training, but we finally found it and all was well. The meeting consisted of Dr. Marder and two vet students. Rusty did a great job acting like a good dog, I was super pleased with him. We went over his history and talked about his general behavior and how we will change the way he reacts to the stimulus that creates this aggressive behavior. We have a lot of homework to do. Dr. Marder's prognosis after the meeting was 'Fair, with intensive training' at least it wasn't 'Poor with no hope at all' so I am taking that and running with it.

Scott and I took separate cars so he could go directly to work afterwards. Rusty and I moseyed along to Jape and Suzanne's house. Rusty had a nice little playdate with Raven and I had 3 mid afternoon beers with my friends. We came home so exhaused, me from the beers at JapieSuze, and Rusty from all the attention and activities of the day. We both curled up on the couch and took a long nap, sweet lovely peaceful sleep. There is a good dog deep down in that biting hot mess.

Today we have our first obedience class, and we don't even have to travel all the way downtown, we are going to The Animal Rescue League in Dedham. We missed the orientation since the 6 week course started last Sunday, but we were quickly brought up to speed in 10 minutes. So we will be on the 5 week plan instead. A big plus is that the ride is sweet and easy compared to yesterdays ride.


KHawkins said...

Nancy, I am glad that went well. I am happy for Rusty.
The animal rescue league in Dedham is on a nice property, very peaceful for man and human.

Suzanne said...

hope you bought pounds and pounds of string cheese :)

Vicki said...

That is great news, it will take some work but you can do that!