Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Obedience Class

Surprisingly to me, Rusty did very well today. I was imagining a snarling, growling, barking, misbehaving dog, but luckily he was none of the above. The fact that this was a new place to him probably had a lot to do with that.
We had to walk him alone instead of having the 10 minute play/socialize time with the other dogs before the lesson, but what a beautiful landscape to have to take a walk in.
Kerry was not kidding when she said the property was "very peaceful for man and human". I had to get some shots before the lessons started.

I found it incredibly tranquil and beautiful with the rolling hills and paths.
We have homework called "Nothing in life is free" and that basically means that Rusty has to do something that I specifically ask for before he gets any affection, treat or time outside. Starting off this means to sit, stay, down and wait/stay. Then he gets all the rubs and scratches he wants. We are using a lot of treats now, too.
He likes string cheese, but it makes him gassy.


Vicki said...

Break out the gas mask lol!

Lovely place to hold the classes. Just lovely.

Suzanne said...

go Rusty!!! :)

KHawkins said...

That is cute about the string cheese. My in-laws dog had the same problem but it was green beans. Phew
I glad you like the animal rescue league

Holly said...

Oh try this stuff!

Maya and I used it (and still do) and she loved it and doesn't really fart much at all, which is good cause they really smell awful.