Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rusty Waits

Tomorrow is one week from our first obedience class, and I thought I would try to show how well we are doing.
He is a smart cookie.

You can see he almost jumps the gun, but I am proud of him anyway. It's tough waiting to enjoy some treats that are sitting right on your paws, Raven told me so.


ami said...

Oh boy it looks like he is crazy about you! He is doing so well! I am happy about that. Good boy Rusty!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh who's a good doggie? why yer a good doggie...yes you are...aren't you?? yesssss

lmao this is priceless!!! He's doing so well!~!~
Hugs, Nita

nancyrosetta said...

Thanks Ami, and Nita!
He is a good boy!!!

KHawkins said...

Oh that is so cute. i am glad he is doing so well

Suzanne said...

that is fantastic!!!! he's going to be some serious competition for raven soon enough! :)

Blue Noodle said...

i want a treat too!
i had to wait 10 minutes to watch 19 seconds of the toaster waiting for his treats!

good goggie! i want to squish his ears!