Sunday, March 30, 2008

Buster update

This is really hard for me to report, especially because of all the magic that happened last night.

Last night was a truley incredible experience for me. I had a friend reach out to some friends of hers and a snowball effect took place. This was so fast and furious that I was overwhelmed with emails and convo's and forum posts, it was so hard to keep up with it all. I went to sleep last night with the comfort knowing that I had a woman in Maryland (Chris) who was going to pick Buster up at the shelter and drive him up to Staten Island, NY. Then I had a woman in Brooklyn (Francine) who would pick him up from Chris in Staten Island and transport him as close to me as she could...probably somewhere in Connecticut. I was giddy.

I could barely sleep last night thinking about Busters trip, and wanting to get up as early as possible to call Jane and give her the good news. I left a message at 8am on her answering machine, called my two angels who were all ready to go as soon as I gave the word, and tried to do some busy work waiting for my call back from Jane.

10am rolls around and Jane has not called, so I called Pam, my other Northeastern Boxer Rescue contact. Pam was so happy with the news, but told me that the last time she spoke to Jane, she got the feeling that Jane was prepared to make the drive down to get him by herself. So I called my angels again, thanked them up and down and told them I would keep them posted, but for now it is on hold until I hear from Jane.

I spent most of today getting totally stressed out waiting, and not knowing if she drove down to Delaware or not, and not knowing if I was getting Buster today or not, but deep down inside I really was thinking that she just drove down there to get him.

At about 3:30pm, I got a call from Jane's husband. He said that Jane was going to drive down to get him, but that Massachusetts requires that all shelter strays be quarantined for 48 hours in a state approved facility before they can be fostered or adopted here. I had never heard of anything like this before.

So, now it looks like the earliest he will be with us is Wednesday or Thursday.

I feel defeated, depressed and just totally worn out emotionally right now. But I am still hopeful, and I just know that this will eventually end in Buster's favor...he needs to get out of there!

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