Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home Visit

The home visit with the Boxer Rescue volunteers went so well!
If Buster turns out to be even half of the great dog Winslow turned into, I will be a very happy girl!
I didn't want to let Winslow go home with them. What a great dog!
The couple and their two dogs stayed here for a little over an hour, we talked dogs, played with dogs, petted dogs, and got kisses.
When they were ready to leave, they asked us when we would be ready for Buster. We said as soon as possible, so they think they are going to collect a bunch of volunteers from Delaware to Boston, and make a driving train to get him here. Currently the Rescue is spending $50 a day to keep him in a no kill shelter, so I assume they will do it quick.
I am so excited! I really can't wait. I know he is going to be trouble at first, but I think we can do our magic and turn him into a trusting and loving member of our family.

And our new bed is just AWESOME!!!!! Scott's already had a couple of naps on it, I layed down for a while, but it was before the volunteers got here, so I couldn't sleep.

Oh, and it's a beautiful day, sunny in the 40's...Life is good!
Yay for Saturday!!!

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Meilan said...

Buster looks adorable. I hope everything works out for your family and buster...