Friday, March 28, 2008

Buster's Hell

I spoke to Jane from the Boxer Rescue a couple of times today.
The first conversation was very disturbing to me, in fact, I find myself completely disgusted with the Kent County SPCA. Jane told me that she put a call in to them earlier this week and they just returned her call today. They say that no one can get close to Buster, he is acting aggressive. She did find one woman who works there who can pet him through the bars of his cage, but she is terribly afraid of the woman who runs the place and the rules there are that you 'do not pet the animals'. I also found out that this shelter does kill, so that is why they do not want their employees getting close to any of the animals. Jane is paying them NOT to kill Buster.

This is especially disturbing, since Buster was doing so well in his previous foster home before he was pushed from behind to get back into his kennel. He was getting into it with no problem following a treat thrown in. I fear his stay at this shelter is doing more damage to him than even being left on the street to fend for himself. So, in trying to make me understand how this shelter works, Jane told me that they shake the cage doors to get the dogs to move to the back when they feed and water the dogs. I'll tell you, if my cage door was being rattled, I would not be so happy with my keepers either.

Now this brings us to the snafu. Delaware is so far out of the area of volunteers that NBR has, it is proving almost impossible to find someone to drive him out of there. Jane actually asked the only girl at the shelter who can pet him, if she would be willing to drive Buster for a distance, with pay. She is so scared of her boss that I am worried she won't do it. I am hopeful tho, Jane said the woman is working on Sunday and Jane will plead with her again. I will pick him up as far away as I have to, hopefully no farther than New Jersey. Obviously this shelter is not out to rehabilitate dogs, they are nasty and disgusting and I am appalled.

Picture of Buster lifted from NBR, photographed by previous foster person.

Buster WILL be a good doggie. He will gain trust, have security and love here. He will eventually give love back, and I am eager and willing to work with him until he can.
The word 'Rescue' has new meaning to me now.


Suzanne said...

Nancy- this is just breaking my heart- I have no doubt in my mind that once you and Scott finally get Buster to your home that you will give him everything he needs to be a trusting, loving, happy dog. And you know that Jape, Raven and I will do everything we can to help!

Meilan said...

well... did you get Buster yet??? I can't wait for your adoption!!!!