Sunday, June 07, 2009


It's really amazing how your life can change in a split second, for better or worse.

Since my mother's stroke, I have been beside her taking care of her moral, her needs and rooting her on to recovery. Each day brings new challenges and sometimes we take steps backward in the hopes of moving forward. It's been physically and emotionally draining.

I have finally realized that my own needs have not been being met. Scott and my cell phones got shut off last week... thankfully since mine is attached to my hand these days, I caught it right away and they were working again in less than 10 minutes, but seriously, things like this are not acceptable at all. I haven't been to a supermarket since before I left for vacation on May 14th. I am out of moisturizing lotion (among at least a dozen other creature comforts) and there is no food in this house. Things around here need to change.

I am going back to work tomorrow morning. I need to resume my schedule back to where it was before the stroke. I hate to leave my mother for such lengths of time during the day, but she is in one of the best rehab hospitals in the country and I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

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BeadWhisperer said...

Take care of yourself, Nancypants. You're important too.