Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Red Bead

On May 17th, 2009 my mother had a massive stroke.

I was in Las Vegas when I heard the news late morning of the 18th, having just arrived in LV about 12 hours before I got the call. Needless to say, our vacation was cut very short. Scott and I took the redeye that night back to Boston. We arrived the next morning, retrieved our car and went straight to Brigham and Women's Hospital where Mom was in the neurological ICU. Later that day, Anna arrived from SLC. Julie and Kathy had been with her since she was found on the floor in her condo (approximately 18 hours after her stroke). The window of stroke reversal opportunity was well closed by this time.

She spent 7 days in that same ICU until she was moved into a shared room on a different floor. She spent 4 days in that room. Today, she was moved to Spaulding Rehab Hospital. She is our little miracle. We hope she is Spauldings miracle after they are through with her.

She is lucid beyond reason, aware of her surroundings, and very talkative.
My sisters and I are contributing to a blog chronicling everything she and we go through in her recovery. Please visit One Red Bead the blog about Mom's recovery.

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Holly said...

Oh Jesus Nancy! I am so sorry to read this post. I wish your mother as swift and complete a recovery as possible. Be strong!